A Cool Baccarat Strategy for First Time Players

There are a lot of gamblers who enjoy playing other games, but when it comes to baccarat, they end up stumbling. Baccarat is a classic cards game which has been around for a very long time. Today, most casinos have many different versions of this game for you to choose from.


Despite being considered a difficult game for players to master, it is actually quite easy to understand. You can only place three types of bets. Then you need to try and get close to the number 9. Players can bet if their own hand or the dealer’s hand will win. Bets can even be placed on ties.


Baccarat has a very long history of players looking for patterns and trends in their game sessions. There are always pencils and scorecards at land casinos which can be used to track games.


One strategy which a lot of people use is Avant Dernier. This is a very popular strategy among players in Europe and is a fun way of playing the game. But, don’t expect it to get you long-term winnings.

The strategy basically involves betting on the winning result from the second last hand. This system can be very successful in sessions where the winning hand is fluctuating a lot between banker and player. This is why a lot of players like this strategy. Also, it doesn’t need any large bankrolls or progressive betting either.

But, it’s true that the safest bet you can place when playing baccarat is on the banker winning. Regardless of everything else, the banker always has the highest chance of winning before the hands are dealt. But if you’re playing long sessions and just keep betting on the banker, you aren’t going to come out with too much money especially if the banker starts a long losing streak.

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