A Basic Strategy Guide for Blackjack

If you haven’t played a lot of blackjack in the past, then you will probably have tons of questions. If you don’t want to look lost while sitting at the blackjack table, then you should read through this strategy guide right away.

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The main goal of the game is to get a hand which totals to 21. Otherwise, whoever is closer to 21 between the dealer and the player wins the hand. Also, the dealer needs to get a minimum of 17. If anyone goes over 21, they lose right away. You can choose to stand at any point you want. You also have a few other moves to make. But, stay away from them until you are good at blackjack.


If there is a tie, then the player gets the bet amount back. Nobody loses anything. There are some casinos where ties result in losses for the players. But this is quite rare. Be sure to go through the house rules, so you know what you’re up against. If dealers win in the event of a tie, you should be playing at another casino.


Now, on to the basic strategy, we mentioned earlier. If you get hands between twelve and sixteen, or if the dealer has numbers between two and six, you are stuck with a stiff hand. If you both have stiff hands, stand. If you have anything above seventeen, and the dealer has an ace or a seven, you have a pat hand. Here, you should stand as well. When you have stiff hands and the dealer has pat hands, always hit.

Keeping this strategy in mind should get you well-versed with the game of blackjack while ensuring you don’t lose too much money. In fact, if you’re lucky, you might just end up winning a little.

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