A big mistake that any casino gambler can make is to rely on luck alone in trying to win at table games.

You must form a strategy and that can be as basic as knowing how much you are going to place on each bet. After all, it would be silly to put all your eggs in one basket because although you might win big, the chances are that you will blow everything in one fell swoop.

On these pages, you will find strategy guides for all the major games that you will encounter in a casino but on this page we will give you some very basic tasters.


This one of the most popular games that you will find in any casino. It is also one of the safest games to play because you will rely on simple mathematics. The object here is to hit the magic number of 21, so as a very basic guide, don’t ask for more cards if you think the dealer might go bust or vice versa.


The object here is to get the best hand of cards over three rounds of deals. You will need to adopt the poker face for starters. Don’t act all happy if you get a great card because other players will have you sussed out. You must also put some mathematics calculations into action to see what your chances are of completing a hand.


This one can be quite complicated but the key to it is spreading and placing your bets for the best possible return. A simple strategy to use is to bet fairly high amounts on red or black and/or odds and evens while putting a lower amount on a particular number or two.

Read on for more great strategy tips.

Play responsibly

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